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USS Devonshire (Intrepid class)

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The USS Devonshire was a Intrepid-class starship in service to the Federation Starfleet in the late 24th century.

In late 2375 the Devonshire, under the command of Captain Ian Quincy Knapp, was part of the Federation Alliance fleet that was assigned to remove Dominion forces from the Lapolis system. During the battle, the Devonshire, the USS Tian An Men and the USS Rutledge were ordered to pursue a Cardassian Galor-class warship and a Jem'Hadar dreadnought which had broke away from the main fleet.

While the Rutledge pursued the Galor, the Devonshire and the Tian An Men pursued the dreadnought into the McAllister Nebula. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: "Enemy Unknown, Part One")

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