USS Decatur (NCC-2500E-1, later NCC-2500) was the first United Federation of Planets starship to have linear warp drive. It was prototyped, ca. 2270 and launched months later.

Decatur was designated as a strike cruiser and initially was the only ship of the Decatur-class. Decatur would later be included in the inventory for the Belknap-class strike cruisers, which incorporated more refinements to the superstructure and warp propulsion systems. (Starship Design)

Decatur underwent routine scheduled overhaul at it's home port at Starbase 1 from 11 February until 7 March 2289. Assigned to Starfleet Academy rotation on 11 March, for a midshipman training cruise, deployed from Academy number 4, lasting from 23 March till 11 May. Following installation of experimental sensor equipment at Starbase 3 between 24 May and 5 June, Decatur deployed from Academy number 1 for another midshipman training cruise, lasting from 25 June till 19 August.(Ships of the StarFleet Volume 1/Revised)