The USS Dawnstar was a Dawnstar-class vessel.



The ship was designed as an exploration ship that could be used as a battleship. The ship was built at Mars Utopia Planitia and was finally finished and sent on its maiden voyage on March 22nd 2385. The Dawnstar-class was originally called by a different name, but following the destruction of the USS Dawnstar they named it after the fallen ship. The crew of the original Dawnstar was given the ship as they played a pivotal part in the war and were needed on the battlefield immediately.


Following the war, the Dawnstar was reassigned as a Section 31 ship and proceeded to go on duty under Section 31's black and red colours. However after corruption was found within Section 31 and eliminated, Ebak demanded that the ship and crew return to normal Starfleet duty. Starfleet reassigned the Dawnstar to patrol duty of the Alpha Quadrant.

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