USS Darius (NCC-502) was a Saladin-class destroyer on active duty in Starfleet during the 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual)

Early on in her career, in 2244 the Darius was badly damaged during the Hapspear conflict and was taken out out of service to be replaced by the destroyer USS Tamerlane. (Tamerlane).

Later, the Darius visited the planet Xanadu (Orion Press: "Meeting at Xanadu").

It was during this time that Charles Foster Murphy was assigned to Darius as a lieutenant. (Orion Press: "Meeting at Xanadu")

Finally, during a research mission, the Darius and a sister ship, USS Alexander, were destroyed by an energy being from another universe in the binary system of Procyon and Phardos. (Orion Press: "The Balance of Nature")

Notable crewmembersEdit

Lt.Charles Foster Murphy (Orion Press: "Meeting at Xanadu")

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