The USS Cuxhaven (NCC-27474) was an Ambassador-class starship active in the 24th century.

Named for Cuxhaven, a town in Germany.

Star Trek: PendragonEdit

In the Pendragon timeline, the USS Cuxhaven (NCC-27474) was under the command of Daniel Radke from 2372 until 2379.

During the Battle of Deep Space 9, the Cuxhaven engaged the USS Aotearoa after the latter ship started destroying escape pods from Deep Space 9. The Cuxhaven suffered major damage but inflicted a lot more on the Aotearoa.

After Leyton's forces collapsed the Bajoran wormhole, the Cuxhaven was flooded on the upper decks with chroniton radiation, having an effect on Radke's abilities.

In 2379, after Project Restoration was complete, the Cuxhaven was one of the ships at the launch of the new Deep Space 9.

After the ceremony, Radke went to Admiral John Greene and other Starfleet captains with the news the M'Tar could be behind the rise in Myhr'an violence. Starfleet assigned six ships to the task force, and Greene chose the Cuxhaven, as the seventh ship, to remain behind. Radke relinquished his command of the Cuxhaven to join the fleet aboard the USS Cantabrian. (Star Trek: Pendragon: Other Knights anthology: "Gravity")

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