The USS Columbia (NCC-75102) was a Nebula-class Federation starship commissioned in 2373 and in service in the latter 24th century. (Star Trek: Between the Stars)

History Edit

There have been a total of six spacefaring vessels with the name Columbia: an orbital shuttle from the 21st century, the second of the NX-class ships from pre-Federation Starfleet, a Hermes-class scout, an Excelsior-class,a Miranda-class, and presently a Nebula-class. The current USS Columbia was commissioned in 2373 , constructed at the Wolf 359 Memorial Fleet Yards. Once again paying tribute to a preceding vessel, the Columbia was listed with the registry number NCC-75102, after the shuttle OV-102. The ship's dedication plaque bore the statement "Sixth starship to bear the name" in further homage to the ill-fated shuttle and her crew.

Columbia saw a great deal of action during the Dominion War, including leading a successful campaign to reclaim the Selva system from Dominion control. Following the war's end, the ship was assigned to the 11th Fleet and tasked with transporting aid supplies within the Cardassian Union. They also provided transportation for refugees and military personnel as needed.

ScreenShot 651

USS Columbia

In late 2377, Columbia was in the Sol system and responded to a call for assistance from Admiral Owen Paris to combat a perceived Borg incursion less than one light-year from Earth. Although a sphere did emerge from the transwarp aperture it was, much to the surprise of the gathered taskforce, soon destroyed -- from within. From the midst of the fiery explosion appeared the long-lost USS Voyager, which had been stranded in the Delta Quadrant since 2371. Captain Regan and her crew were only too happy to escort their sister ship home again.

Senior officers (2376)Edit

  • Captain Lindze Regan - Commanding Officer (Human-Vulcan)
  • Commander Silmar - Executive Officer (Vulcan)
  • Captain Jiraz, M.D. - Chief Medical Officer (Denobulan)
  • Commander Anjali - Senior Counselor (Cairn-Halanan-Lumerian-Ullian)
  • Lieutenant Commander Rokha Tyrel - Tactical Officer (Green Orion)
  • Lieutenant Darien Serri - Chief Engineer (Betazoid)
  • Lieutenant Chariza Guinan - Senior Operations Officer (El-Aurian)
  • Captain Ryan Bennington (Federation Marine Corps) - Chief of Security (Human)
  • Lieutenant junior grade Jacen Faris - Senior Flight Control Officer (Unjoined Trill)



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