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Old Earth Starfleet, Intrepid Class, USS Cochrane, NCC-63,
Usscochrane ncc-63 005

USS Cochrane, NCC-63, Intrepid Class Starship

Commanded by Captain Richard Stiles, was one of the first starships to engage the enemy during the Romulan War in the Beta Hydrii (Hobus) System at Starbase Tango. 

Crew of the Cochrane included Science Officer Lt. J.G.. Leandra Meredith, Assistant Science Officer Ens. Keith Martin, Chief Engineer Lt. Brett J. Trent, Ens. Erroll Daystrom, Security Officer Lt. J.G. Nicholas Lehman, Lt. Cmdr Jamie Franks, Crewman Thompson, Doctor Sarah Lynn Jacobsen, Communications Lt. O'Connor, Helmswoman Lt. Nakamura, Sensor Specialist Jill Daniels, Engineer Carson.

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