The USS Chimera (NCC-11555) was an Oberth-class starship commissioned on stardate 369032.2 and was built under Naval Construction Contract (NCC) number 11555 at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. (Star Trek: Outpost)

Dedication plaqueEdit

The ship's dedication plaque bore a quote from Miguel deCervantes from the musical Man of La Mancha: "To dream the impossible run where the brave dare not reach the unreachable star."


In the mid-24th century, the USS Chimera was on permanent assignment at Deep Space 3, an outpost near the Pinchot Expanse, between the Ferengi Alliance and the First Federation.

The Chimera underwent extensive field modifications and did not meet Starfleet specifications in many areas. Outdated technology from a variety of cultures was incorporated into the ship.

In 2365 DS3 Station Commander Captain Montaine Buchanan announced that Starfleet Command had begun the process of decommissioning Chimera. A number of ships of differing classes were offered as a replacement. No decision had been arrived at. Most of the replacements were finishing up extensive refits. The decommissioning process would be completed between 6 months and one year.

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