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The USS Chichen Itza (NCC-77551) is a Renaissance-class Federation starship launched in 2377.

Crew and complimentEdit

Senior officersEdit

Its captain is Esperanza Ramirez. Its first officer, a changeling, is Commander Joop. Its second officer is Lieutenant Commander Knute Rasmussen. Its chief engineer, a sentient hologram, is Lieutenant Commander Yoomoh. Its security chief, a male Tellarite, is Lieutenant Qope Yoomba. Its chief medical officer is Dr. Latasha Ibo. Its counselor is a female El-Aurian named Garwy. 

Other crewEdit

Lt. cmndr. Yoomoh has two engineers under him who are crazy about him. Lt. Agxanna is a Betazoid who has been in The Phase for at least a year. Lt. G'bar is a Vulcan who seems to be cheating death by being in perpetual Pon farr. Recently they both went to rescue Lt. cmndr Yoomoh after he was left adrift. Upon seeing each other they disabled each others shuttlepods. Soon they both repaired their transporters and both tried to beam Lt. cmndr Yoomoh aboard, creating two of him. The other one now serves aboard the USS Rapanui.


Lt. Yoomba has a nephew and a niece aboard, Rasputin & Jezebel. They are always causing trouble. Once they reopened a poorly repaired hull breach thru which Lt. cmndr Yoomoh walked after Lt. Yoomba's water pistol shorted his emitter.

Lt. cmndr. Yoomoh formerly had a pet guinea pig, Danders, who was left on Betazed after he started eating the duranium in the walls. He can also purr.

Source: Twitter account Yoomoh