The USS Challenger (NCC-1676-D) was a Galaxy-class starship named after NASA's 20th century space vessel STS Challenger. (Starfleet International: USS Challenger-D)

Challenger has been under the command of Admiral R. Vosseller for nearly 25 years, since the ship's commissioning. Vosseller currently serves as the Vice Commander of the Starfleet Seventh Fleet and the ship is currently serving detached duty supporting operations out of Starbase 7.

Currently the Ship's Senior Staff includes: -Vice Admiral J. Victor - Executive Officer -Vice Admiral L. Victor - Second Officer and Chief Communications Officer -Captain K. Diehl - Captain of Engineering -Lieutenant Commander J. Gough - Operations Officer -Lieutenant Commander A.M. McGinley - Chief Medical Officer -Lieutenant Kevin Victor - Chief of Security -Commander J. Victor - Ship's Quartermaster -Colonel P. Comune - Marine Officer in Charge

For many years in the late 24th century, Challenger served as flagship of the Starfleet Seventh Fleet.

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