The USS Calhoun (NCC-78546) was a starship built by the United Federation of Planets' Starfleet and launched in 2390. It was the first Federation ship equipped with a transwarp drive, and its inaugural mission consisted in a flight to the Delta Quadrant to re-establish Federation contact with the Talaxians. (Frontier Fleet)

The Calhoun became the flagship of the Frontier Fleet. Commanded by Captain Jennifer Su, it has, over the a four year period, explored the Delta Quadrant, seen its crew thrown through time, revived a friendly species dormant for centuries, encountered its double from a parallel universe plagued by war, and had many other adventures.

The crew's primary mission is one of exploration. It is also tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with new warp-capable species.


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The Calhoun series is notable for integrating junior officers and crewmen as important and influential characters in its stories. Some of the most significant recurring minor characters include Chris Su, Chris Dwyer, Jack Callahan, Alexia Leal, Steven Trunour, Zela Trunour and Qar.

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The Calhoun is currently on its thirty-second episode, "Do No Harm".

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