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The USS Britain (NCC 1702) was made with the USS enterprise (NCC 1701) in 2245

it was captained by REDACTED BY STAR FLEET and was destroyed in the battle of the sirius sector block when it was destroyed by a fleet of klingon bird of preys

The USS Britain-B (NCC-5802) Was made in 2265 and was captained by REDACTED BY STARFLEET

it was destroyed when it crashed into the Empire state building II

The USS Britain-C (NCC-8902) was made in 2305 it was captained by REDACTED BY STARFLEET

it was destroyed in 2310 when it was hit by a phaser fired from a borg cube in the Borg invasion of earth

The USS Britain-D was made in 2321 and is the present uss britain it was captained by REDACTED BY STARFLEET

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