The USS Bonhomme Richard (NCC-1712) was a Constitution-class starship in Starfleet service in the second half of the 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual; The Starfleet Museum)

She was the first of the Bonhomme Richard-subclass of heavy cruisers and entered service in 2255.

Star Trek: The Four Years War continuityEdit

During the Four Years War, the Bonhomme Richard was under the command of Captain William Blackwell. One of her first engagments was that of Axanar, where she served with distinction fighting along side Garth of Izar. (Star Trek: The Four Years War, Book 1)

In the second year of the war aginst the Klingon, the Bonhomme Richard was instrumental in the Battle for Sector-23H. She, along with pair of destoyers, provided a protective screen for the battlecruiser USS Tracy, flagship of the 11th Strategic Squadron, under the command of Rear Admiral Pearson Everett. (Star Trek: The Four Years War, Book 2)

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