The USS Blade (NCC-85157-A) was a Shrike-class starship sent to the Gamma Quadrant under the command of Captain Koran Lacer. Their mission, along with the USS Atlantis and the USS Shark, was to explore and make relations in the Gamma Quadrant. (Star Trek: Brave New Worlds: "Brave New Worlds")

As a Shrike-class vessel, the Blade bore a close resemblance to Defiant-class escort ships.


Sometime in 2381, Captain Koran Lacer took the Blade's captain's yacht, the USS Diligent, on a mission assigned by Section 31 to the Nor'Shizi homeworld. There he bombed the planet and destroyed nearly 95% of the population. The attack was retaliation in an ongoing conflict between the Federation and the Nor'Shizi in the Gamma Quadrant. Koran was later put on trial for his actions. (BNW: "Right of Space", "Threads of Fate")

Command crewEdit

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