The USS Bitburg was a Federation starship which was destroyed in the Gamma Quadrant. The Bitburg was on a mission to find possible locations for future colonies when attacked. Only two crewmembers were recovered from an escape pod from the Bitburg. One of these was Lieutenant Paw (the first Cha'ouwian mentioned in the series) who knew Captain Jeffery Higdon (through it is later to be revealed as Paw's father, Kijo, in future stories) and reported that they had been attacked by the Jem'Hadar without provocation.

Paw helped assist the USS Shiloh's Conn officer, Lieutenant Christopher Higdon in getting the Shiloh back to the Bajorian wormhole and maneuvering during the subsequent battle.

The Bitburg was named after a city in the Eiffel country in extreme western Germany, only 32 KM north of Trier, Germany and several miles east of the Duchy of Luxembourg. It is the location of a Starfleet installation in the 24th century and once was the home of an American Air Force Base in the mid to late 20th century.

The Bitburg was under the command by Captain Keith Daniels, an old friend of Captain Higdon, according to his log entry. (Star Trek: Black Hawk RNS)

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