The USS Beltane (NCC-72611) was a Nova-class Federation starship. (Star Trek: Abandoned)


  • Captain Enriss Temaga - ship's captain
  • Commander Vhalnir Cad'en - first officer
  • Lieutenant Will Gates - chief of security
  • Ensign Hanar D'Jan
  • Crewman Kira Rhiohr

Inc'Radi missionEdit

In 2384 the Beltane was dispatched to a remote area of the Beta Quadrant by the Federation archaeological Commission, tasked with finding and investigating the so-called "Motherworld" as described in many myths and legends of the region.

On stardate 62084, the starship was in orbit of a uninhabited desert planet when the science teams discovered a stone tablet within an extensive series of impressive ruins. Deciphering its contents, including a set of co-ordinates, she set course for the suspected location of the Motherworld. Arriving on stardate 62193.2, the crew indeed discovered the mythic planet and set up a base in the only intact settlement they found.

Unfortunately, their arrival was anticipated and the starship was fired upon by the Borg as she investigated the planet's rings. After being dragged through a transwarp conduit, the Beltane was captured by a Borg Hive vessel and her crew assimilated. A rescue party led by Doctor Nathan Carson managed to destroy the Hive, but at the cost of the ship itself. ("Lost and Found")

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