For the series written based upon this ship, see USS Baldwin (series)

The USS Baldwin (NCC-2013) was a Federation Miranda-class starship in service during the 24th century.


The original purpose remains unclear, but apparently a Romulan Cloaking device was placed aboard before its disappearance. When the Baldwin reappeared above Aloran IV in the Cardassian DMZ and was discovered by Commander Patrick Ingrum, Mr. Ingrum was given command. Because, in part, of the Cloaking device was found on the Baldwin, The Romulans and the Federation reevaluated, and eventually rescinded, the section of the treaty barring use of cloaks by the Federation. After amending the agreement with the Romulans, an experimental phasing cloak was installed (USS Baldwin: "The Find"). The warp drive was also tweaked to make Baldwin capable of traveling at least Warp 9.9 safely (USS Baldwin: "Wartime Productions") The engines were pushed to Warp 9.997 on Stardate 54257, in late 2377 (USS Baldwin: "Against the Wind")

Captain Ingrum also installed a special program which activates the phasing cloak and utilized holo-technology to fool another ship into thinking it has been destroyed. The Baldwin utilized this feature in a confrontation with the USS Tian An Men, under control of Khan Noonien Singh, when Khan utilized a prefix code on Baldwin. Upon realizing the deception, Khan retaliated by stealing the DNA of many of Baldwin's crew (USS Baldwin: "The Return of Khan").

Baldwin was seriously disabled during a skirmish in 2375, requiring two weeks in drydock. During the time, Patrick created a prototype strategy room which was activated on Stardate 52162. (USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior"). The "war room" was successful in detecting an enemy ambush, which was successfully neutralized (USS Baldwin: "Danger Zone"). The war room was a very desirable target for Dominion troops, and was the target of an attack on Stardate 52299.8. The USS Ticonderoga intervened, even though she had taken serious damage herself. The Baldwin towed the Ticonderoga back to Starbase 375. (USS Baldwin: "Bullseye")

The Baldwin led the counter-attack of the Breen forces on Earth (USS Baldwin: "Trouble in Paradise") and subsequently stayed near earth to help develop a countermeasure of the Breen weapon. (USS Baldwin: "Resolution")

In May of 2377, Baldwin was disabled due to dilithium failure, and had to be towed by the USS Wildfire. (USS Baldwin: "Frontiers") Additional problems were found, and it was determined that Baldwin needed to undergo a 90-day refit. (USS Baldwin: "Escape") After the refit, Baldwin was assigned to explore the far side of Cardassian space. (USS Baldwin: "Reaction to Action")


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The Baldwin has appeared in some capacity in every story except "Backdoor" and "Like the Rain"


Baldwin is named for the town of Baldwin City, Kansas, although it could also be named for the World War II destroyer.

The dedication plaque designed by USS Baldwin author Richie Kennedy is a line from the Cyndi Lauper song "Time After Time."

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