Avalon TopDown

Avalon from the top down

The USS Avalon was the last remaining member of the Scion class fleet of Starfleet vessels. Constructed in the mid-26th century, Avalon is distinguished by her small size, flat bottom for easy planetary landing and her green nacelles. (Star Trek: Avalon (future))

At 96 meters long, it is one of the smallest starships to serve in Starfleet. Its inside quarters are extremely spartan and dirty, due to decades, if not centuries, of neglect. Avalon's power source is a unique warp sphere and it is controlled mostly through a sentient AI program called Ava.

Most of Avalon's internal space is taken up by a massive cargo bay located at the bottom of the ship, which extends to the ground when the ship makes its frequent landings upon planetary surfaces. The cargo bay is large enough to carry two shuttlecraft and several containers full of supplies.

The biggest modification to the Avalon since coming under Zorin's command were her two missile launchers fixed to both sides of the ship. Though the Avalon does have phaser emitters, they are non functional, so Avalon uses standard missiles and torpedoes to defend herself against various threats. The payloads of these missiles can be standard explosives all the way up to weak nuclear warheads.

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