USS Aristarchus (NCC-3805) was a Ptolemy-class transport/tug on active duty in the 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual)

Aristarchus was commissioned in November, 2237.

Jertrol A'lagh MacNare

Captain Jertrol A'lagh MacNare on the bridge

From 2267 to 2276, the Aristarchus was under the command of the Rinorian Captain Jertrol A'lagh MacNare.

In 2269, the Aristarchus was ordered to the Kordarren Colony, carrying several tons of Vydrocarvadin, the only cure to Ano’s disease, which was ravaging colony. However, the ship was ensnared by a gravitational well near the planet Odin 2. It was rescued from destruction by the timely arrival of the USS Hannibal, which had picked up its distress signal. The Aristarchus transferred its cargo to the USS Wellington at the edge of the Beta system for final transit to the Kordarren colony while it headed for Starbase 24 for repairs. (Star Trek: Incident at Beta 9)

On a resupply mission to the Epsilon-series monitoring stations in February, 2289, Aristarchus — commanded by Captain Roger Handy — was attacked and disabled by a Klingon Riskadh-class heavy cruiser. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Sabotage Strategems")

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