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USS Al-Rashid (NCC-3802) was a Ptolemy-class transport/tug on active duty in the 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual)

Al-Rashid's commanding officer in the 2260s was Matt Jeffries. He and James T. Kirk seemed to know each other well. (Star Trek: Phase II: "Come What May")

In the late 2260s, Al-Rashid was assigned to Starbase 47-Vangard within the Taurus Reach. (Star Trek Vanguard novel: Declassified)

By 2295, Al-Rashid was commanded by Captain Dawson Walking Bear. Along with other ships of the Sixth Fleet, it was tasked with the exploration of the Beta Quadrant on a seven-year mission. (Orion Press : Insanity's Child, Chekov's Enterprise, "New Orders")


It is possible that this vessel was named for either the historical Caliph Harun al-Rashid, or early Federation President Haroun al-Rashid, mentioned in the novel Articles of the Federation.

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