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UNS Accord was a Seaquest II-class submarine in active service during the mid-21st century. (Star Trek: Accord: The USS Accord Fictional Timeline v. 3.0)

Accord was commissioned in 2040. Throughout the 2040s, she would engage Eastern Coalition naval forces on several occasions.

In 2052, she was destroyed while defending Vancouver.

Her commanding officer throughout her service was Guinevere de Lesseps.

On USS Accord's launch in 2256, part of the submarine Accord's periscope was in a display case in Captain Soledad Ibañez's quarters. (Star Trek: Accord: "Year One") After Accord 's recovery in 2292, the periscope was transferred to a branch of the United Earth AeroNav Museum on Norfolk Island. Per Captain Devine's request when he took command of Accord in 2308, a replica was made and was put on display in his ready room.

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