The planet Txamsem (New Canada IV) is the fourth and largest planet in the New Canada system.


Txamsem symbol

Celestial bodies in the New Canada system are named after figures from the mythology of the ancient Canadian Indians on Earth. Txamsem was the symbol of wisdom and conception. It was recognized as a hero. The Raven is the Lord and Creator of light in the majority of Native mythology. He placed the Sun, Moon and Stars in the Heavens, and brought Salmon to humankind.



On a gas giant planet like New Canada IV, there is no accessible solid surface, only a dense, cloudy atmosphere rich in hydrogen, helium, methane, water and ammonia in which organic molecules fall from the skies, but the skies are teaming with life. The food chain on New Canada IV is very simple: Microbial 'Sinkers' are at the bottom. Next up are the 'Floaters', which feed on the sinkers like Earth whales feed on plankton. At the top are the 'Hunters', which prey on the floaters. It is not known if any intelligent species inhabit the planet.


Most of Txamsem is traversed by broad cloud bands. The planet's hot interior stirs these bands convectionally so that the light colored zones are rising gas and the dark belts descending gas. In the polar regions this banding is replaced by a turbulent mottling, indicating convectional weather cells. The temperature range on the planet is immense. Lower down in the atmosphere temperatures are between 35° C and 85° C, while the visible cloud tops are at a chilly -180° C. Above the surface of liquid hydrogen, Txamsem's thick, turbulent atmosphere changes over a depth of 100 km from water crystals at the base through ammonia crystals to cloud tops of gaseous hydrogen.


Since there is no solid surface, there are no human settlements on Txamsem, although there is abundant native life in the thick atmosphere. Several Helium-3 and Deuterium extraction factories orbit the planet, as well as a resort hotel where vacationers can take in the breathtaking view of Serenity's giant or go on orbital skydiving excursions. A limited floater hunting industry also exists, harvesting the creatures for their store of rare biological chemicals.

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