Cardassian Ragoç Tulmar Nedav is a long-time veteran of his people's military, having come up through the Cardassian Guard's equivalent of the enlisted ranks to become a senior ragoç by 2375. Title in combination with age gives him a position in the hierarchy compared to Starfleet senior chief or an infantry master sergeant. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)

At the time of the Thirteenth Order rebellion, Nedav was assigned to the Lessek base, and was one of the soldiers sent to deal with the suspected infiltration of the base by rebels. When Glinn Thouves Daro approached the group intending to use his controversial status to create a stir amongst the incoming soldiers, one of the men in Nedav's unit insulted Daro, provoking a reaction of violent outrage from Nedav.

After being stunned as a precaution by the Thirteenth Order soldiers, Nedav's first sight after coming to was Starfleet commander Makis Spirodopoulos in a Cardassian uniform. Nonetheless, with Daro's influence, he swore his loyalty to the Thirteenth Order and aided the rebellion through the Battle of Lessek.

Once the battle was over, Ragoç Nedav served in the Honor Vigil for the fallen during the memorial service alongside Riyăk Hirhul Mendral.

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