Tso'Bok was a Klingon male who served as a doctor in Starfleet during the 25th century. As of 2416, he held the rank of Commander, and was chief medical officer aboard the USS Skyfall. (Star Trek: Sons of Liberty: "For I Dipt Into the Future...")

He was born on Sherman's Planet in 2385, the son of Klingon expatriates. While attending secondary school, he befriended human colonist Tristan Sinclair, and the two would remain close for the remainder of their lives.

In the early 2400s, Tso'Bok left Sherman's Planet to attend medical school at Johns Hopkins University on Earth and later underwent training at Starfleet Medical Academy. His first space assignment came circa 2409 aboard the USS Kumari.

When Tristan Sinclair became captain of the USS Skyfall in 2416, he requested that Tso'Bok serve as the ship's chief medical officer. Aboard the Skyfall, he worked and eventually became friends with the ship's Gorn biologist, Specialist T'zuus. They often competed with each other in anbo-jyutsu and Parrises squares.

While he commonly ate racht and other Klingon cuisine, Tso'Bok was known to prefer the "more refined" taste of some human dishes. He was fond of pasta, especially spaghetti and meatballs, which he often enjoyed with a glass of Chateau Picard.

An amateur thespian, Tso'Bok was quite fond of Shakespeare, both in English and "the original Klingon." He played the title role in a production of Hamlet aboard the Skyfall, in which Captain Sinclair played Horatio.

After Skyfall's destruction, Tso'Bok was reassigned to the USS Ulysses.

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