"Troubling Times, Part 1" is to be the first episode of the first season to the fan fiction series, Star Trek: Precious.


As the USS Pureshashu sets out on it's maiden voyage, the objective of this voyage, the IRW Monolaire is attacked by an unknown enemy that renders them dead in the water. What began as a simple rendezvous turns into something far more dangerous than anyone was expecting.

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  • This episode's conception was initially begun back in 2009 when the series was set to be worked on but was shelved for six years when the creator was finally able to work on the series and bring the original story of this episode into existence. However due to the timespan the creator would go on to make alterations to both this episode as well as many to come.
  • The idea of a Romulan becoming part of a Federation crew was thought up due to the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, the creator using the inspiration from the combined Federation-Romulan offensive against Shinzon in that movie. However a certain fan film also used the idea which continued to inspire the creator long after the project was dropped years before the creator would begin work on it again.
  • This episode serves as an introduction to MOST of the ship's main crew and touches upon certain lesser characters including the half-Klingon Valkris. However it also introduces certain future plot elements, particularly a brief conversation between Joseph Dilan and Nathan Jenkins and his KOENA Project. It should also be noted that small sections, including the aforementioned conversation were not originally part of the episode until the 2015 restart.
  • The two security officers that accompanied Valkris whose names were thought up on the spot became the first 'red shirts' of the series, but interestingly the character of Michael was a homage to the series creator whose middle name is also Michael.

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