The USS Baldwin receives reports from the badlands, and has picked up a conversation which will change the face of the war.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • “Hey, it's been too long since I last saw you.”
    “I remember, that you were on the Kitty Hawk as a computer analyst, and my mother saw something in you.”
    “And put me at Tactical.”
    “Now, you're one of the most respected young captains in Starfleet.”
    Patrick Ingrum and Donna Belding.
  • “Sir, incoming message from Ninnescah.”
    “On Screen.”
    “I bring along an escort and we've got no hazards. What's up with that?”
    “I don't know, but I don't like it.”
    “I'll be there as quickly as I can. JP, I would like to speak with you when I get there.”
    “Understood. I have Sarah monitoring intelligence reports.”
    “Good. Ingrum out. Donna, bring us to warp nine.”
    Laura Bennett, Jaimie Petrelli, and Patrick Ingrum
  • “Admiral, It's been too long.”
    “It has. It seems like only yesterday you were serving under me on the Kitty Hawk.”
    “I know. Now I have your youngest daughter under my wing. But I didn't call to talk about the past. Have you read my most recent intelligence reports.”
    “Yes, and they are very through.”
    “I think the Breen are making their move, and they intend to strike the snake in the heart.”
    “You aren't implying...”
    “I wish I wasn't. I'd take precautions to secure your position, just in case. From the angle they would come in at, Earth would not be a hard target.”
    “I understand.”
    “Also, Admiral, I promise to take care of your little girl.”
    Patrick and Admiral Belding, advising on a possible attack.
  • “Let's go to tactical alert. Ingrum to all ships — we are about to engage the enemy. I want to show the Breen we aren't afraid of them. I hereby authorize all ships to fire on sight, and to utilize any strategy at the ship CO's discretion. It would be nice to coordinate, so keep that in mind. Let's roll.”
    Patrick Ingrum, delivering a simple command to engage the Breen



USS Baldwin; Belding (Admiral); Belding, Donna; USS Kitty Hawk; USS Ninnescah; Petrelli, Jaimie; Raid on San Francisco

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