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For the retired simming group, see: Trek Online (RPG).

Trek Online was a "virtual series" HUBs on the internet. Created in January of 2006, Trek Online was home to four fan-made Star Trek virtual spinoffs.

Hosted seriesEdit

As a HUB website, Trek Online hosted a number of series. The series hosted on Trek Online were a unique blend of original and familiar characters, places and series, all of them different in their own way.

Star Trek: AvalonEdit


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Avalon was a set in the distant 45th century, focusing around the life and exploits of Thomas Hatch, a 23rd century loser sent to the distant future after a cruel prank. Considered by many to be one of the darkest virtual trek shows in the community, Avalon.

Star Trek: Beyond What's Left BehindEdit


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Beyond What's Left Behind was a spinoff from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. BWLB told the tale of what happened after the series finale, with several new crew members and a story just as expansive and epic as the original series.

Star Trek: EndeavourEdit


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Endeavour was a prose series that continues the story of Star Trek: Enterprise through the eyes of Trip Tucker from a rewritten series finale to the tales of the Romulan War under the command of his own vessel.

Star Trek: FoundationsEdit


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Foundations (previously known as the Enterprise Redux project) started as a group of fans' belief that several aspects of Star Trek: Enterprise could have been done better if done in a different fashion.

Star Trek: LegacyEdit


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Legacy chronicled the tales of the USS Enterprise-B, one of the many ships that was active during the "Lost Era", a number of decades in which the activities of the Federation and her allies and enemies are unknown. Legacy picked up after the loss of Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek Generations and showed the adventures of a broken captain and his ships' involvement in the Cold War between the Federation and the Romulans.

Star Trek: PhantomsEdit

Phantoms banner

Banner for Phantoms

Phantoms was a prose series set in the Lost Era and told the tale of the Constitution-class ship USS Paladin through treachery, greed, ambition and the coming flames of war.

Virtual EnterpriseEdit


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Virtual Enterprise was a script-based continuation of Star Trek: Enterprise, which was cancelled by Paramount in 2005. It picked up where the show left off in the year 2155, a few months after the events of "Terra Prime". The final episode, "Take Him for All in All", was released in 2008.

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