The Traveling Link was a group of changelings who trekked throughout the galaxy as one being. They were in search of more changelings to join their link. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2375, the Traveling Link tracked and cornered the changeling Sergio aboard the USS Phoenix-X. Through threatening the crew and threatening Sergio's adopted kin, Shane, Sergio agreed to join the Traveling Link. Due to being mostly unfamiliar with the other changelings present, Daniel and Shane were not called upon to join the Traveling Link. ("Liquids Everywhere")

Two years later, the Traveling Link, desperate for more members for their link, discovered Shane captured and forced into helping the Borg achieve omnipotent power. Transforming themselves into a 'winged creature', the Traveling Link attempted to help the USS Phoenix-X and IKS Bochnah in fighting several Borg cubes. They became successful in freeing Shane and persuading him to join. After an attempt to rid Shane of Borg nanoprobes, by Daniel, both Shane and Daniel were knocked unconscious. The Traveling Link took the resulting unconscious Shane-protoplasm and joined him to their link. Since Shane felt responsible for helping a Borg cube become partially-omnipotent, like many Omni'X of late, the Link decided to embark on a mission to track down and destroy the cube. ("Destiny's Revenge, Part I")

In 2391, the Traveling Link was off its previous mission, demonstrating erratic behavior and mental instability. The Link attacked the Federation colony world of Gault, leaving one other changeling behind, named Diggs. Commander Night Seifer, of the Phoenix-X, then captured Diggs and used him to lure the Traveling Link to the ship. Returning, the Traveling Link admitted to, successfully, but temporarily, transforming Diggs, a humanoid, into a changeling, in a desperate effort to procreate. Unfortunately, Diggs uncontrollably reverted to his solid status. Cell, finally deciding to resign from Starfleet, joined the Traveling Link; an action which corrected their mental instabilities. ("The Needs of the Plenty")

Members of the Traveling LinkEdit

  • The Changeling, as a group ("Liquids Everywhere")
    • Shane/Shoon ("Destiny's Revenge, Part I")
    • Sergio ("Liquids Everywhere")
    • Diggs ("The Needs of the Plenty")
    • Cell ("The Needs of the Plenty")
    • The Tall Changeling ("Liquids Everywhere")
    • Unnamed changeling #1 ("Liquids Everywhere")
    • Unnamed changeling #2 ("Liquids Everywhere")
    • Unnamed changeling #3 ("Liquids Everywhere")
    • Unnamed changeling #4 ("Liquids Everywhere")
    • Unnamed changeling #5 ("Liquids Everywhere")
    • Unnamed changeling #6 ("Liquids Everywhere")
    • Unnamed changeling #7 ("Liquids Everywhere")

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