The USS Voyager fires a transphasic torpedo.

The transphasic torpedo was a Starfleet weapon developed in the 2380s, of an alternate timeline, designed specifically to handle the Borg threat. The technology was brought back in time to the original timeline, in 2378, by Admiral Janeway, to help the USS Voyager return home. The torpedoes were instrumental in destroying a Borg hub and part of their transwarp network. (VOY: "Endgame")

Since then, the torpedoes and torpedo schematics were kept locked away in order to keep in standings with the Temporal Prime Directive. But in 2380, a copy of the torpedo schematics were stolen by General Vekor, of the IKS Hidoken, in an effort to use them against a Borg cube. The torpedoes caused the cube to crash-land on the Mizarian homeworld. (Star Trek: Invasion 101)

In 2383, the transphasic torpedoes were installed onto the USS Phoenix-X: by order of Section 31. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Transphasic Meltdown")

In the 2390s, STAG had begun producing more of these torpedoes, from schematics provided by Annika Hansen. (Star Triangle Advanced Guard)

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