"Transphasic Meltdown" was the seventy-fifth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the twenty-fifth episode and season finale of the third season.


Section 31 orders the installation of Transphasic torpedoes aboard the Phoenix-X. Meanwhile, Starfleet discovers the existence of the Tech-Team and send in Starfleet Security to capture the homebase that is located beneath the Earth's surface. Looking into the situation, Armond and RaeLuna find that the Fragma Alliance is behind the discovery and attempt to expose them. Unfortunately, the Fragma escape with what they really came for, schematics on advanced technologies like the Transphasic torpedo.

Memorable quotesEdit

"We worked so hard on those Transphasic torpedoes - in the future that is. What I'm saying, is that it's Starfleet technology! Or, it will be."


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