A week has passed since the events of "Heavy Lies The Crown". The colonists are anxious to break ground, but the ever-present shadow of their mysterious assailants has forced them to put their plans on hold, while Intrepid and Ariadne rush to establish an effective orbital defense grid. But as work nears completion, an unexpected discovery on the planet’s surface leads an away team into danger, forcing an increasingly conflicted Navar to choose between duty and conscience.

Primary castEdit

  • Yanis Caed (played by Lucy Faria-Cook)
  • Matthew Cole (played by Steve Pasqua)
  • Joseph Garren (played by Gordon Dickson)
  • Richard Garren (played by Mike Cugley)
  • Daniel Hunter (played by Nick Cook)
  • Jago Merik (played by Steve Hammond)
  • Jacen Navar (played by Alan Christison)
  • S'Ceris (played by David Reid)
  • Michael Simmons (played by Nick Beckwith)
  • Xara Tagen (played by Lynn Robinson)
  • Aaron Prentice (played by Alan Score)


"Do me a favour Chief. If you're going to say today is a good day to die, don't."
Ellis Gibbs to D'Gor
"I can't stand Klingon platitudes either."
Daniel Hunter to Yanis Caed

External linksEdit

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