"Touch of the Prophets, Part 2" is the first episode of the second season of the Star Trek: Valkyrie audio series.


With the Valkyrie under attack in orbit, the landing party continues its first contact mission on Bajor.

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Production notesEdit

  • This is the first episode to feature a new main theme composed by Jesse Richardson.


"That only works for a period of time, and then nothing will hold back the voices of the oppressed, Doctor."
— Dr. Ravenwood
"We should tell them to leave. The Cardassians have helped us for many years and assist with our defense. They’re trying to warn us about these people. Why are we not listening to them?"
— Minister Phlox


Bajor; Bajoran; Cardassian Union; Prime Directive; prophets; USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590);

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