Massacre at Minark.


The Tealuian planet of Minark is under attack. The USS Pioneer, along with a vast explorative fleet, is sent to invetigate. And an old flame returns.

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"Fellow members of the So'jan Senate! The time we have dreamed for is at hand; The mighty Federation will fall... before us."
Ar'kon's speech to the Senate of the So'jan people after he declares himself King.

"Tyson Calok has betrayed us all!"
Xojo Manjala, upon hearing of Calok's attack on Minark.

"So... there are still things out there that even you are afraid of?"
"To not be afraid would be foolish. And I am anything but foolish."
L'mar and Calok discuss the unknown.

"Calok has been my fateful advisor."
"He was anything but fateful, my liege."
— Ar'kon and Isen'ko, when the admiral tells Ar'kon about Calok's agenda.

"His mind is dark and... and powerful."
— Xojo speaking about Tyson Calok.

"When you speak to me, you will address me as King!"
— Ar'kon, when Admiral Isen'ko doesn't address him with that title.

"Captain Burt, could you give us a minute?"
"No problem, ma’am."
"I’ll be outside, if you need me."
— Burt leaving the room in the awkward moment when Tellening and Kelsoe meet again.

"Yes..., It has been a long time."
"I’ll say one thing for us... we always had a lot a passion."
"Had?! I think it's safe to say that we still do!"
Captain Sarah Tellening and Kelsoe on their relationship.

"See you on the other side."
— Kelsoe, speaking to Burt, referring to the fleet's warp to Minark.

— Calok, speaking to Kelsoe.


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