Toran was a Vulcan Starfleet Officer in the late 24th century. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus)

When Jonozia Lex and Sara Parker joined the crew of the USS London in 2367, Toran was their commanding officer.

In 2371 he took command of the newly commissioned USS Sovereign, taking Jonozia Lex with him to be the ship's Science officer.

In 2373, he recommended Jonozia Lex for the position of First Officer on the Sovereign, but was overruled by Starfleet Command. When the same position became available on the USS Argus, Toran recommended Lex again and this time Lex was accepted.

Later the same year Toran was promoted to Rear Admiral and assigned to oversee the final stages of construction of the remaining Sovereign-class vessels and make them ready for war.

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