For the mirror universe counterpart, see Tony Dahl (mirror).

Tony Dahl was an eccentric crewman. He has a background in history and social sciences, as well as cultures. He joined Starfleet to escape life on Earth and to learn about other species. He became a very valuable crewman due to his abilities and skills. He understands cultures, and has a different perspective than most. He grew up in a very racist household, but vowed to not live his life the same as his family. He deplores prejudices and racism, but realizes that he is prejudicial. He can separate his biases, though, and so has a fresh perspective on alien species that most don’t. He is a quick study in languages, though he never had any official training in linguistics. He consults with Hoshi Sato on occasion for help in this area.

On the Yorktown and DiscoveryEdit

Onboard the Yorktown he became 1st officer but was huer during it 1st mission. He was transported back to Earth aboard the Challenger where he received medical treatment but remained in a coma for several months. After Yorktowns return he was offered command of the USS Yorktown (NCC-208) before Captain Stiles inquiry but, turned it down flat. 1 year later after serving on the Challenger he was transferred to the Discovery by request of Captain Tim Samuel, a recently promoted Captain and a former crewmember and friend to Tony. (Star Trek: The Romulan Wars)

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