Tolleson was a Section 31 Agent during the 24th century. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

In 2383, Tolleson paid a visit to Rodney Brickenhouser in Paris. He questioned Brickenhouser about President Korvin Mot's policies towards the war. He then suggested that Mot be replaced by vice president Kaenar Korban. Brickenhouser questioned whether Section 31 had that reach, to which Tolleson asserted that the agency had manipulated Jonathan Archer into ensuring the agency's placement within the Federation Charter. Tolleson then went on to suggest that the 2380 election of Mot had also been ensured by the agency, and the long range sensor readings from Minark that prompted Starfleet into sending an expedition force were also part of the agency's recent activities. ("The Forgotten Planet")

Tolleson used Brickenhouser to get inside knowledge about the Mot Administration, and in mid-2383, told him to leave Paris. Soon after, Tolleson made contact with Supreme Admiral Da'note of the So'ja Coalition, to give him the codes to get through Earth's defenses. ("Obsession")

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