The Tokyo metropolis was the de facto capital of Japan on Earth.

Tokyo was legally a prefecture that uniquely also provided some of the services characteristic of a city. Its 23 special wards were, administratively, cities in their own right.

The Akihabara district located in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo was very famous as a high tech district of Japan. (Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity)

Tokyo expanded since the 20th century. During the 24th century, Kyoto became a suburb of Tokyo. (Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity)

A spaceport is also part of the city. (Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity)

More of the inhabitants used maglevs than transporters, even in the 2370s. (Last Unicorn Games RPG: A Cadet's Guide to Sector 001)

Namesake starshipsEdit

A 22nd-century Federation starship, USS Tokyo was named after the metropolis. (The Starfleet Museum)

In 2250, the Valley Forge-class cruiser USS Tokyo, commanded by Captain Jonas Barstow, saw action with Garth of Izar at the Battle of Axanar. (The Starfleet Museum: Valley Forge-Class Cruisers, Siegfried-Class Dreadnoughts)

There was also a Loknar-class frigate USS Tokyo, built in the mid-23rd century. (FASA RPG: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

The USS Shinjuku (and the Shinjuku class) was named after the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. (TOSS)

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