"Toccata" is a story about the USS Shiloh, originally part of the Star Trek: Shiloh fan fiction website but now part of the Star Trek: Black Hawk fan fiction website. It is a crossover and happens during the first few minutes of Star Trek: First Contact, tied to the end of "Mission to Dosiania", where the Shiloh responds to the general alert and rushes to Earth to help the fleet against the Borg attack.

The Shiloh arrives just in time to pursue the Borg sphere with the USS Enterprise-E. When the time wave is activated, enough of the particles hit the Shiloh to the effect that when time is changed, one member of the Shiloh crew retains his memories and individualism - Captain Jeff Higdon. As Borg One of One-Thousand, Higdon is able to wreak havoc aboard one of the Borg cubes sent to intercept the Enterprise. However Higdon is captured and just as he is being assimilated time changes back and Higdon finds himself in his command chair staring as the Enterprise comes out of a second time portal. Later, while the Shiloh is in Spacedock for some minor repairs, Higdon visits the Enterprise at Captain Jean-Luc Picard's invitation.

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