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tlhIngan Hol (also called Klingonese; literally "Klingon tongue") was the official language of the Klingon Empire.

Non-Klingon speakers of tlhIngan HolEdit

The Bajoran Militia required recruits to be proficient in tlhIngan Hol, along with Cardăsda, before being assigned offworld. (Bait and Switch: "The Universe Doesn't Cheat")


tlhIngan Hol is the Klingon language developed by Marc Okrand for movies and television series after 1984.

A complete grammar of the language and limited vocabulary were published in The Klingon Dictionary, written by Okrand. Okrand was supposedly helped by the captured Klingon, Maltz. Okrand supplied further vocabulary in his follow up books, The Klingon Way and Klingon for the Galactic Traveler.

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