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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Tim Samuel (mirror).

Tim Samuel was the Chief Engineer for the USS Yorktown (NCC-208) and later captain of the Discovery.

Starfleet ServiceEdit

Romulan wars pod

Samuel observing the Yorktown

He helped in the first testing of the Warp 5 engine with Jonathan Archer and Trip Tucker. He and Trip had a close bond in the academy and in the Warp 5 testing program, often trying to “OUT-DO” the other on technical achievements. Tim has also worked with Styles for the last 3 years on board the Intrepid.

Samuels was considered a leading expert on space-tested technology and sometimes relates better to technology than people. After serving on the USS Yorktown (NCC-208) for 2 years, he was headed to extended shore leave with his girl friend; Monica McDonald aboard the NES Avalon which stuck a gravitic mine. Samuels and McDonald contained the warp core breach and were deemed “Hero of the Avalon”. However, McDonald did not survive when she received a lethal dose of Delta Radiation from the leaking core. Samuels received burns to his arms but later recovered and promoted to Captain and given Command of the Discovery. (Star Trek: The Romulan Wars)

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