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Tigh Webster was a Starfleet Fleet Admiral.

Early lifeEdit

Tigh was born in 2329 on Earth. He grew up on the family farm while there he attend the local high school. While in high school, he was president of his high school class. Upon his graduation in 2347, Tigh attended university in Paris France were he excelled in science and literature. When Tigh graduated in 2351, he returned to his family home. By then the family had decided to sell the home. He decided to move and went back to Paris France were he lived for several years and started his own winery. In 2353 Tigh joined Starfleet and entered there command program. Tigh graduated in the top 10 of his class.

USS CumberlandEdit

In 2357, Tigh was noticed by Rear Admiral Jason Smith who over saw the command division during the same year he was stationed onboard the USS Cumberland with the rank of Lieutenant. He was approached to be an aide to Rear Admiral Smith but Tigh turned it down. He was already serving as a engineer onboard the Excelsior-class USS Cumberland. While on board Tigh rose through the ranks to become the 2nd XO with the rank of Commander.


In 2360, Tigh was transferred and promoted to the rank of Captain and assigned as Captain of the USS Samurai an Ambassador-class starship. During his time as commanding officer of the Samurai he made countless new first contact's as well as help defend two colony's from Cardassian Incursion.

Starfleet CommandEdit

In 2366, Tigh was promoted to the rank of Commodore and given command of the USS Apache an Akira-class starship. From 2366 to 2370 Tigh commanded the Apache until he was assigned to Starfleet Command Earth in 2371 he was also promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and assigned to the Starfleet Academy as the commandant.

Dominion WarEdit

In 2372, Tigh was again promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral and reassigned to Farpoint Station as the sector commander were he served until the outbreak of the Dominion War. At the on set of the war in 2375, he was promoted once again to the rank of Admiral and given command of the 3rd Fleet. He commanded the fleet from his new ship the Galaxy-class USS Valkyrie. Tigh commanded the fleet during the entire war. In 2375, he was promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral. Tigh has served as commanding officer of the Valkyrie until his transfer to the USS Osiris in 2385.

Service jacketEdit

  • ENS (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
  • LTJG (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
  • LT (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
  • LCDR (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
  • CDR (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
  • CAPT (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
  • RDML (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
  • RADM (DS9-VOY).png
    Red (DS9).png
  • VADM (DS9-VOY).png
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  • ADM (DS9-VOY).png
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  • FADM (DS9-VOY).png
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External linkEdit

  • Star Trek: Osiris Website

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