Tigershark F-9D Fighter was a Starfleet light fighter that resembles a Type 9 shuttle with the characteristics of a light fighter space vehicle used by the Starfleet Marine Corps.

From the outside the Tigershark Fighter is almost identical to a Starfleet Type 9 Shuttle, but the inside is an entirely different beast. The Tigershark is incredibly more powerful and durable with heavier armor, more powerful phasers and impulse engines, and pylons for a variety of electronics pods and missiles. Also, unlike the shuttles most officers are familiar with, the F-9D’s controls are not strictly consuls and interfaces, they’re a good number of dedicated displays, control sticks, and switches. This is not because the F-9D is less advanced, but because this ship is a dedicated fighter and not mission variable as many shuttles are. One of the most maneuverable fighters in Starfleet, the Tigershark is able to handle nearly any comparable fighter threat.

There are two Tigersharks assigned to the USS Black Hawk and used by the SFMC unit, the 263rd Marine Strike Group, stationed aboard the starship.

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