Tiberius "Ti" Hunter, originally named T'ber's, was a Xenexian male who lived in the 24th century, and was a Starfleet officer. He was born on Xenex in 2353, but his mother died in childbirth after being attacked by a tribal shaman. He was adopted by Lt. Commander Sebastian Hunter, a liaison to Ambassador Sarek's diplomatic team. (USS Venture Sourcebook)

The boy was raised at first on Vulcan and began his education there. He later traveled to Earth to stay with his adoptive grandparents, and began to study gymnastics. Hunter's childhood was mostly spent either on Earth or his father's various starship or starbase postings.

According to his personnel file, Ti had an interest in both history and palaeontology.

Starfleet careerEdit

Ti applied to Starfleet Academy at age 16, but was not admitted due to his age. He applied again, and was granted admittance at age 17. Focusing on command studies, he also cross-trained in a number of other branches.

During his cadet cruise aboard the USS Diablo he saved the life of the ship's first officer during an away mission. Taking heavy fire, he carried the wounded exec back to their shuttlecraft, and the away team made it back to the Diablo. For his actions, Hunter was awarded the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry. He graduated third in his Academy class in 2374, with the rank of lieutenant junior grade.

Lieutenant Hunter's first assignment was as a conn officer aboard the USS Lexington, a post he held for four years. During one mission towards the end of his time on the Lexington, Hunter was emotionally traumatized when one of his friends aboard the ship died in his arms. Ti blamed himself because of his lack of sufficient first-aid knowledge, and when his tour aboard the Lexington was complete, he took more advanced field medical training.

In 2378, Hunter was a full lieutenant when he was assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer aboard the USS Venture. (USS Venture Sourcebook)

Tiberius Hunter was designed as a player character for an RPG campaign set aboard the USS Venture as detailed in the USS Venture Sourcebook. In a photomanipulation accompanying his character sheet in the sourcebook, he was represented by Casper Van Dien.

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