Tiana Allison Ingrum was the first child of USS Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum and his wife Bridget. She was Born aboard the Baldwin on May 9 2377, at 0200 hours, with Baldwin CMO Neil Bratney attending and Lieutenant Donna Belding assisting in her delivery. (USS Baldwin: "Frontiers")

The arrival of the first child aboard Baldwin was a time of celebration among the crew, although the ship itself was taken out of service for a refit. (USS Baldwin: "Escape") Her maternal aunt, Roslyn, finally met her when she was one month old. (USS Baldwin: "Backdoor")

Tiana's parents split the chores in taking care of the baby. Her dad would handle changing duties, while mom would handle her feedings - usually by breastfeeding. (USS Baldwin: "Reaction to Action, Part 1")

During a incident in which the Baldwin was towing the old NX-class Discovery, one of Discovery's children, Alexandra, noted that Tiana was calm during the hallowing flight. (USS Baldwin: "Against the Wind")


Tiana was named after a acquaintance of USS Baldwin author Richie Kennedy, based upon the meaning of her name ("princess").

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