Therin (played by Ian McLean) was a crewmember of the USS Enterprise with rank commander in the 2260s, and later captain of the USS Hood. (Australian fanzine Beyond Antares)

Early lifeEdit

Therin is the son of Senator Therin ae'Shefareth. (Starship Exeter: "The Savage Empire")

There is also a Therin Park on Andoria ("Andor: Paradigm", a novel by Heather Jarman in Worlds of Deep Space Nine Book 1, Pocket, 2004; the eBook Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Remembrance of Things Past, Book 1, Pocket, 2007, by Terri Osborne; and Destiny Book 3, Lost Souls by David Mack, Pocket, 2008.) New Therin Park commemorates the original locale destroyed in a Borg attack (Typhon Pact novel, Paths of Disharmony by Dayton Ward, Pocket, 2011.)

Starfleet careerEdit

Therin was a commander on the USS Enterprise as of the 2260s. (Australian fanzine Beyond Antares)

He served on the USS Hood as captain from 2272 to 2293. (Australian fanzines Data, Beyond Antares, Kiron III, and the New Zealand fanzine, Katra)

Therin also starred in two audiovisual productions, Sale of the 23rd Century and Perfect Botch.

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