There's Something About Hoshi is a short story by the pseudonymous jespah.

The story is told from the perspective of Hoshi Sato, while on the Enterprise (NX-01).

In November of 2160, the Enterprise makes first contact with the Arisians. As they seem to be a friendly people, Captain Jonathan Archer accepts a dinner invitation. He brings along Hoshi, Malcolm Reed, Travis Mayweather and two MACOs, Major Strong Bear Dawson (the replacement for J. Hayes) and Private Franklin Thomas Todd.

Immediately, they realize there is something rather unnerving about Aris - there are no women. Their host explains that, due to institutional sexism, the women of their world have been allowed to die out as the men can reproduce via cloning, with no pregnancy required. Hoshi is the only sentient female on the entire planet.

When she and her MACO escort, Todd, are separated from the rest of the group in order to review ancient hieroglyphics, the two are sedated and some of her female hormones are stolen. The two are also injected with a substance intended to enhance attractiveness.

Back on the ship, Hoshi is suddenly irresistable to all of the heterosexual men on board the ship. Private Todd is not as affected, as he is a homosexual and there are fewer persons on board who would prefer him. It becomes unnerving for Hoshi to be so desired, and so she is locked in the brig for her own safety.

Upon returning to Aris, the Arisians explain they are attempting to recreate women on their world. They show her the first female embryo created in several centuries, Trea Hoshi; her name means mother of the world. Hoshi and Private Todd are then injected with an antidote and it and the original substance are sent back with them for study.

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