The War of the Masters, or "Masterverse" for short, is a shared universe of Star Trek Online fan fiction based out of STO's official forum.

Premise Edit

The series takes place in an increasingly altered timeline from STO's actual canon and has one primary stipulation that @patrickngo calls the Rule of Natural Consequences or RONC: For every action taken, there will be multiple unexpected reactions. The stories deal equally heavily with the geopolitics of the Star Trek universe and with small-scale interactions, with a massive extradimensional invasion lurking just around every corner.

While the storyline incorporates a mixture of TV canon, STO canon, and licensed fiction, in terms of story elements there are a number of diversions from official material. Rather than the Iconians as in STO, the true villain of the universe is a cabal of ancient Cthulhu-like intelligences called the Good Masters that has been influencing the course of galactic events for millions of years, most recently through various servitor species (of which the Iconians are but one, and they are jealous children).

Also, most computer systems of the Federation make use of a type of artificial intelligence first developed in the 21st century and referred to as Atticus Unlimited. This serves as the AI-based operating system for all virtually Starfleet vessels, and may be elevated to sentience by application of a personality matrix (which may in turn express as a holographic avatar if the ship has that capability). The AU-series and the original ATTICUS (Advanced Transitive Turing Interface, Conscious Universal Sentience) are governed by a set of laws loosely based on the biblical Ten Commandments.

The series features Cardassians and Bajorans, Humans and Gorn, Tellarites and Andorians, Remans and Romulans, Caitians and Ferasans (or Kzinti, if Larry Niven would let us say that...) all working (mostly) together to stop The War of Masters from consuming the known galaxy.

Continuity Edit

With Star Trek Online Edit

  • The 'verse takes place over a longer span of time than STO itself, with the Battle of Vega Colony set in 2408. The chronologically latest stories are set in 2413, with the "present day" of Masterverse Season 2 being 2412.
  • The storyline increasingly disregards STO canon beginning from STO season 8, with the Klingon Empire and the Federation signing an armistice at the beginning of A Sign at the Crossroads, without the prompting of an Undine invasion of Earth and Qo'noS.

With other fan fiction continuities Edit

StarSword's character Kanril Eleya has made two appearances in Masterverse stories to date. StarSword stated in the author's notes to "The Silence Ends" that the 'verse is an alternate timeline to Bait and Switch.

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