The USS Arcturus in History was an essay by Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo, written for a club fanzine/newsletter Sensor Scan c. 1988.

The essay outlined the disposition of the predecessor ocean- and space-going vessels named Arcturus -- including UNSS Arcturus and USS Arcturus (NCC-1337) -- going back to the 20th century, as well as the then-current status of the club's fictional avatar, USS Arcturus (NCC-1807).

The essay currently exists in hardcopy format only.

Author's NoteEdit

The author was a member of a Hofstra University-based Starfleet International Fan Association chapter, "USS Arcturus", from 1987 to late 1989. Shortly after he left the chapter, the members of the Arcturus decided to change their fictional metaphor -- from a ship contemporary with events after Star Trek V: The Final Frontier to that of a ship thrown forward in time to the 2360s -- so they would be contemporary with the adventures of the Enterprise-D, as shown on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It is not known if the members of the club (which later became the USS Surak, then the USS Dauntless) continued to use the essay as part of their canon, ignored it outright, or changed it to fit the club's needs.

In order to incorporate the Arcturus's fictional history into the background of Star Trek: Shadowstar Station, the author created a parallel continuity, at least for the 23rd century, to that of his former club. (See USS Arcturus (Shadowstar)).