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The Tzenkethi Incident (TPC episode)

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"The Tzenkethi Incident" is the first episode of the first season of Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles, following the pilot episode/prequel episode, "False Security".


After the destruction of several Starfleet starships near the Tzenkethi border, John Greene is assigned as commanding officer of the USS Prospect and is sent to investigate...


Athelstan, Jason; Biondo, Vanessa; Des Plaines, USS; Drever, Jennifer; Federation-Tzenkethi border; Federation-Tzenkethi War; Greene, John; Greene, Michael; Hahn Jun-Seok; Lansing, Anne; O'Donovan, Justin; Prospect, USS; Radke, Daniel; Stratos, George; Tedesco, Steven; Tzenkethi; Tzenkethi Coalition; Wilson, Evonne

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