"The Sound of Q-sic" (or, simply "Unofficial Literary Challenge #14") was the fourteenth Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge based upon the Star Trek Online: Literary Challenges. It was the first ULC of Star Trek Online's Season 10.5, for the month of August 2015, and was managed by Arc Forums users.

Prompt #1: The Sound of Q-sicEdit

"The Sound of Q-sic" was suggested by forum user moonshadowdark.

Q is at it again. After an argument with the powerful entity concerning how Q culture does not have the creative flair as other species, Q points out that the Continuum could run creative circles around you. Q announces their intent to write a musical. Unimpressed and skeptical, your captain tells Q they'll love to see it. Q, in their usual impish tone, assures the captain that they will.
The next day, the captain awakes to the computer serenading them their morning duties. A little while later, an Ensign is leading a chorus line through the mess hall over his favorite replicator supplement. It appears Q has debuted their musical...and YOU are the ensemble! Write (or sing!) a log about this experience and how you managed to make Q face the music for this.


Prompt #2: Poker Night Edit

"Poker Night" was suggested by forum user aten66.

It's poker night for your Senior Officers, and they have decided to ask you, their Captain, to join their game for the night. Did you play the game, or were you the dealer? Did you win or lose? What kind of rumors did you hear or dispel? Did you enjoy the game or go to get to know your crew better?

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Prompt #3: Club 47 Grand ReopeningEdit

"Club 47 Grand Reopening" was suggested by moonshadowdark.

Your captain has been invited to the inaugural reopening of Club 47, a highly popular dance club on Earth Spacedock. Dignitaries, Starfleet brass, celebrities and socialites from ever corner of the universe have all come down to be a part of this. How does your captain spend the evening? Schmooze with Admirals to gain new commands? Stalk celebrities they've seen on the Holo vids? Cut a rug on the dance floor? Write a log about the night's events. And remember: Don't drink the brain worm!

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Background informationEdit

  • This challenge was posted by moonshadowdark.

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